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Sep 09, 2009 at 06:32 AM

"The range you are trying to modify is locked" in Excel layout


We have struck a problem with a number of BPS layouts in our BW 3.5 system that previously have been working correctly. The planning layouts appear to load correctly, but when the user attempts to enter information in some cells, a pop-up window reading "The range you are trying to modify is locked" appears. This only happens for certain cells, some cells (such as the first row of data, underneath the headings) accept data as normal, and normal functionality (saving, planning functions, etc) work as expected for these cells only. No error messages or unusual texts appear in the message tray.

My first thought was that it might be a locking issue, but this is happening in a development system with no other users, and where the lock table in SM12 is empty apart from the usual lock entries one would expect when a planning screen has been opened. There are no data slices or other restrictions in place, and when I switch the planning layout to an equivalent ALV component, there are no problems, which I think also rules out a security issue.

We have recently applied latest support stacks to our system, which I suspect are the root cause of this issue. It also appears to be similar to [this unanswered question|budget-modifications-is-not-allowing; from a couple of months ago (we have looked at the responses here and determined that they do not apply to our situation).

Any advice, tips, or pointers on how we can correct this issue would be greatly appreciated.