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Sep 09, 2009 at 03:29 AM

QM Doubts


Dear all,

I am very much new to SAP QM module and has just started taking training . I had several questions in mind . Pls. help to solve them :-

a)There has been a field called certificate which shows certain certificates already defined. These certificates are or belongs to which quality standard ? In India from procurement view , sales view and production view , which standards or certificate are presently used? Can they be defined in SAP system . If yes how ?

b)Quality checks are to be carried out at company plant for raw material procured from vendor. For quality checks for that material , we have defined inspection characteristics but we want each time the material comes randomly only 10% of total quantity of material goes to quality check.. How this can be done ? Now when material goes for material check it means it will be physically checked. If out of 10nos. , we want to reject 2nos. how can we do that? How rest 8nos. will go back to stock?

c)Can we apply quality check on semi finished goods? What is the procedure to apply quality check on finished material before going to customer? If customer rejects a material , what will happen ?

d)There are so many ISO standards like ISO 9000: 2000 , 2001 in India. Is these standards have any role to play in SAP implementation in Indian companies?

e)Can anyone provide me any link , pdf , file or document having complete implement or procedural details of QM cycle in procurement , sales and production ?

Pls. help