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Sep 09, 2009 at 03:07 AM

Problem w/ Duplicate PLD Template


Good day mentors,

I used Duplicate PLD Template to copy from a source PLD. In which now I have already have the correct design/configuration for client's lx300 printers. The problem I am facing now is that the source document or PLD was from Delivery(System). This pld defaults to printing 2 copies of the pld even if I set the new pld in which i copied from Delivery to print only one copy.


1. Created customized Delivery PLD.

2. Copied customized Delivery PLD via "Duplicate Layout Template" into ARInvoice and Purchase Order

3. Currently printing 2 copies even if repetitive area has only 1 line item for the source and target documents.

  • Client is using a preprinted forms w/ tripilicate copies via dot matrix printer. Thus I want to remove the extra copies PLD is making by default.

If there is another link which answers this please post the link.

Thanks in advance,