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Sep 09, 2009 at 01:58 AM

Edit Pass Time Frame IO Budget


Hi Expert,

My user tried to edit a PO where it tied to previous year (2007) IO budget and hit error message "In document item 020 Order <IO no.>, budget for fiscal year 2007was exceeded by x,xxx.xx.", message no. BP604.

In Budget Profile (OKOB), timeframe set for Pass is only 1 (allow 1 year in the pass). When edit budget supplement (KO24) to top-up budget for the IO in year 2007, system only allow year 2008 onward and prompt "Select a year between 2008 to 2014".

Is it anyway i can enter budget IO for year 2007 without changing the budget profile configuration ? Or how can i edit PO line which tied to previous year IO budget ?