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Sep 08, 2009 at 11:17 PM

aggregated result as key figure


Hello Experts,

I hava to design a bex query for which i need to write an if condition.

In that If condition the metric(logical value) is sum of all the values assosiated with drill down.

For example: i have a query with 10 companies as rows and their units for different months as colums, now i need to create a formulae(if condition) where i need aggreated value of all the shipments for specific month associated with all companies(overall result). How can i include the overall result value in formulae as it isnt a specific keyfigure/selection.

company Units 2007 Units 2008 Units 2009 Units 2010

xxx 1 2 3 4

yyy 5 6 7 8

zzz 9 10 11 12

Overall resul P Q R S

I need to write condition on the overall result(p,q,r,s) which actually came from bex(not specific key figures).

please help me in this issue, i was almost loosing my hair with this issue.