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Sep 08, 2009 at 07:58 PM

Cycle count not counting correct number of items


We have a batch job that runs MICN overnight to create physical inventory count sheets for particular plants/storage locations. In one particular plant/storage location, we typically get around 20 items on our daily count sheets. Today we got almost 300. I tried a few things to see if I could trace the issue:

1. checked the cycle count indicator in the material master. All of them are "B" which is set to count 4 times a year (so approximately once every quarter.)

2. I checked the last count date. All materials were counted in the normal once quarterly interval until now. The latest count was in July for most material, so I wouldn't expect them to come up until October, yet they came up today.

3. I checked for any material master changes and there were none.

4. I checked the last movement of these materials and most haven't moved in over a month.

Does anyone know what else might have caused the? Where else can I look?

Thanks in advance for any help.