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Sep 08, 2009 at 07:41 PM

Things to have in mind while transporting to PRD


Hi folks !

I need to ask you for a few tips to see what to do you think,

Now I'm working in a project where there are only a PI (7.0) DEV and a PRD systems. There aren't a QAS server.

So, in the next few days i'll have to make the transports and I'd like to know the activities to do in the recently installed PRD server.

I have interfaces like: SOAP <---> RFC, in this case, do I have to redefine the Webservice in the ID PRD system?

In spite of the the other interfaces that use IDOC (inbound & outbound) do I have to make all the partner agreements, ports, RFC dest. & all the activities made in DEV ?

If something is missing or you want to add st., it'd be welcome.

Thanks in advance ,