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Sep 08, 2009 at 04:20 PM

How do one prevent the Fire Fighter ID password from expiring?


We have implemented Super User Privilege Management in SAP GRC 5.3. We have created Fire Fighter IDu2019s and logged in with each individual ID providing a new password. We then maintained the new password in Super User Privilege Managementu2019s in u201CSecurityu201D tab.

We have also implemented SAP note 992200 preventing Fire Fighter Idu2019s from logging in via the SAP Gui. I.e the only way Fire Fighter IDu2019s can login to SAP is via the Super User Privilege Management workbench when assigned to a Fire Fighter.

However, the parameter in RSPARAM, login/password_expiration_time is set to 40 days. This means that we need to reset all the Fire Fighter ID passwords every 40 days. Does anyone know how to get pass this issue without changing the parameter login/password_expiration_time. Does anyone know how to prevent the Fire Fight ID password from expiring?

We have considered changing Fier Fghter ID's Service type user ID's but I am not convined that is the correct thing to do.