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Sep 08, 2009 at 03:01 PM

BEx not refreshing data on all embedded queries:One variable, one variant:


Good day

I have the following challenge. I have created a BEx workbook and inserted one query multiple times into this workbook. I have removed the result area of each query to a separate sheet to enable the use of different filter values and to use some excel formatting to change fonts, colours etc.

I have created a ocalday variable selection to this query. The data must be displayed for the last day of each month for a period of 12 months from a certain ocalday. I created and saved a variant for this, adding the last ocalday of each month from 2009/05/31 to 2010/04/30 in the selection option of the variable, thus it looks like this in the variable selection of single values:






I have ticked the option u201Crefresh queries when opening workbooku201D in the properties of the query and applied it to all. When the user opens the workbook, the users must select the variant on the variable selection screen and refresh all the queries.

Now, my challenge comes in where only one query is refreshed with the required dates. All the other results cannot be found and it displays the last date in the variant (ie. 2009/04/30). You need to go and refresh each query separately, using the same variant. This is time consuming as some workbooks have > 50 queries.

Thus, one query embedded multiple times, one variable, one variantu2026u2026

Why does the variant not apply to all the embedded queries when data is refreshed?

Your expert assistance will be appreciated.

Have a nice day