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Sep 08, 2009 at 02:55 PM

Planning query donu2019t show current data



I have an input ready query over an aggregation level of a real time cube. Whenever the yellow request is closed and a new request is opened, the input ready query does not show the old data. And sometimes it shows incorrect data. We found that the issue is with the Cache.

In RSRT when opening the input ready query in debug mode with "Do not use cache setting", the query returns correct data. But the surprise thing is that, the input ready query has Cache setting as inactive (0) in RSRT. So we had to generate the Delta buffer query <infoprovider>/!!1<infoprovider> in RSRT where <infoprovider> is the name of the real time cube.

This solved our problem and the query brought in correct data. But again when I close the second request, the input ready query again shows me no data or shows me wrong data. So again we need to generate the delta buffer query in RSRT <infoprovider>/!!1<infoprovider>.

This is very annoying when considering the fact that you have to generate the delta buffer query every time the request is closed. This could be a overhead in maintenance and will not go well with people.

Does anybody have any solutions for solving this issue. Is there any setting by which we can turn off cache altogether or delete cache when a request is closed etc? or worst conditions how to automate the generation of delta buffer queries every time the request is closed?

Any help is really appreciated.