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Sep 08, 2009 at 02:34 PM

Customizing scout does not offer all systems/client couples


Hi experts,

I'm trying to use the customizing scout for comparing some settings between our R/3 and the CRM.

Synchronization object has been created in CRM and successfully loaded to SolMan.

There, synchronization group has been created as well.

But now, if I start the customizing scout (SCOUT), selecting "Entire System Landscape" and marking all system roles, for some reason, the productive client of the R/3 systems is not shown in the result list.

I only get the clients 000, 001 and 066, which have been shipped by SAP.

Can anyone give me a hint regarding the pre-requesites for system/client couples to be shown there?

Best regards,


PS: It's not an authorization issue, that has been checked already...