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Former Member
Sep 08, 2009 at 01:54 PM

maintaince view creation for a cluster table


Hi friends,

I have created a maintaince view for a cluster table bseg and i have activated it its working fine..

now my problem is i can create maintaince view for mutiple tables if other tables are linked with primary table using foriegn key relationship..

Now can any one tell me is it possible to create maintance view for cluster table with multiple tables as i need a linked table with bseg which iam not able to get... ie : when i click on the relationship tab iam not getting the linked tables for bseg...

now can i create a maintaince view with 2 linked cluster tables..

if so can any one tell me how to create it.

As sap says we can create projection view for cluster and pooled table and we cannot create database view for cluster and pooled tables , but it does not mentioned like that for maintaince view....

I assume we can do it.... as iam trying to create a maintaince view with single cluster table then it shoudl allow me to create for multiple linked cluster tables.... and is it mandatory to maintain TMG for this maintaince view....?