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Former Member
Sep 08, 2009 at 01:41 PM

Link for Business Partner number and Address number.



I have few Address Numbers below for which I need the corresponding Business Partner numbers. These Address numbers which are below aer from Table CDPOS in objectid field.

BP 0000025867

BP 0000049717

BP 0000049718

BP 0000049719

BP 0000049720

BP 0000049721

BP 0000049722

BP 0000049729

BP 0000049730

I have put 25867 in BUT000-PARTNER, there is a entry and hence 25867 is the BP for Address no 25867.

I have put 49718 in BUT020-ADDRNUMBER,there is an entry in BUT020-PARTNER ie., 0007000059 is BP for Address no 49718.

Can you provide any link for Address No BP 0000049717 where i can get the Corresponding BP no for this Address no 49717.