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Former Member
Sep 08, 2009 at 01:01 PM

Shut-dump in ABAP WebDynpro


Hi Guys,

I'm new to ABAP Webdynpro. I'm trying to display data in from table VBAP in webdynpro ALV and I get the following runtime error. Neither I'm able to debug the error (external break-point doesn't stop in my action event, may be it's dumping before that) nor able to get any clue waht exactly it means. Can somebody please help.

I get the error "Lower-Level Node with Name INPUT_VIEW.T_VBAP Does Not Exist".

I have 2 view in my application, INPUT_VIEW and OUTPUT_VIEW. My Input VIEW consists of node T_VBAK (wit 2 fields VBELN and ERDAT), and OUTPUT_VIEW with T_VBAP (with 4 fields VBELN, POSNR, MATNR, MATKL).