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Sep 08, 2009 at 12:24 PM

reg sample calculation


Dear all,

I have created a sampling procedure with sample size 1 Gram, I have maintained an sample drawing procedure with primary sample as per formula TRUNC(SQRT(P2)+1) and given pooled sample as 1 and reserve sample as 25 grams.

when I made insp plan with insp points 200 and above sample drawing procedure.

For a GR of 100 kgs with 4 containres I am getting sample size as 0.026 kg. I am having only one M.I.C which is having control indicator as destructive, how I am getting a value as 0.026 kg, moreover I am getting 3 primary samples as each of .33 grams, how it is being calculated and what happens if I activate additive check box also for same M.I.C (it is giving sample size as 0.027KG)

Thanks in advance