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Sep 08, 2009 at 11:14 AM

Incorrect Balances are displayed in FAGLB03 after changing the account curr



We are facing an issue in the GL balances displayed in the transaction FAGLB03. The issue has occurred after the account currency has been changed to USD and user has reversed a document (Posted in AUD).

FAGLB03 is showing a balance in AUD (which ideally should be zero) and does not any show USD balance. The affected accont is a P&L account.

The reason we have identified is FB08 while reversing an old document is posting the reversal document in the old document currency and do not consider the existing GL account currency.

Steps for Recreating the issue:

1. The Account Currency is in AUD with u201CBalance in Local Currencyu201D checked in the Master data of the GL Account

2. Make the GL account to zero by making a Journal posting through FB01 .

3. Change the account currency to USD .

4. Reverse the document posted in Step 2 through FB08 .

5. You can see the mismatch in AUD and USD balance in the transaction FAGLB03


System displays an amount in AUD balance in FAGLB03 (Which ideally should be zero). System does not show any balance in the total screen of USD balance but when the account is drill down the USD balances appear in the line item report against the document currency field.

It would be really helpful if you can provide some light on the impact of this issue on month end and year end processing.

Please also let me know if any one has come across this issue and possible solution.