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Sep 08, 2009 at 10:57 AM

SAP PM: Does it suit me? Is it a good career shift now?


Hi all,

I am not sure if this is the right way to raise my querries at this site but I am in need of serious consultation.

I am basically a sea going marine engineer in merchant navy and have over 10 yrs of experience in maintenance industry. I am 32 yrs old.

Though my curent job is very well paying I wsh to settle ashore as I feel like staying close to my family and still make good money. Staying 3-4 months away at a stretch is now sort of getting on nerves, though not verbatim.

Recently someone suggested me to think of career shift to SAP PM.

In the backdrop of above pls advise if this career shift w'd be a sensible idea? Is it really relevent to my skills? There is a SAP trg school very close to my home where I did visit half an year ago. They called up recently mentioning that they have started SAP PM trg and if I complete the certification, there are jobs available with them paying close to INR 15Lac/annum. They are quoting close to 4000USD (INR 1.5 Lac + 10% tax + 25K for exam)for the trg.

Is it wothwhile thinking of it? Or that, I sh'd rather look at the brighter side of my existing profession and continue? The main reason I am writting here is that I am not much aware of what kind of profession SAP PM certification would lead me to.

Your advices/opinions w'd certainly help me.