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Former Member
Sep 08, 2009 at 10:22 AM

Validate Transformation file fails, but gives no reason


Hi folks,

I'm having a really weird problem...

I tried to load some data at my clients' site, and firstly I got a warning during the import package run, but when I open the message in the status screen the message is completely blank! Absolutely empty.

Next I looked on the server at the reject log file and it contains some strange stuff - this is what is says:


[ ,,,20,] Calculated member or invalid member ,NO_F,ACTUAL,INPUT,,,LC,20,

I don't understand what all the stuff at the start of each row is, never seen that before.

So, I try to revalidate the Transformation File with the data file instead, to see if that gives me anything. But it fails. It gets as far as "Begin validate tranformation file with data file..." and [Start test transformation file] but fails with the message


No other details appear. I have used this transformation file at least 200 times without any problems. The data file is new, but everything else has stayed the same.

Any suggestions on how to tackle this confusing mess??

Thanks as always,