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Sep 08, 2009 at 10:14 AM

Rounding value



For a material there are two rounding values (no rounding profile is maintained ) One at plant level and one at a

MRP area level .

While MRP run system is taking into account MRP area kevel rounding value ,and create a PR as MRP is run at MRP area level

but at the time of converting PR to PO system is considering rouding value which is maintained at plant level.(thru MD04)


rounding val at plant level -8

MRP area level rounding val -13

requirement -108 -triggered through mrp

PR generated of qty-117 -(multple of 13)

But while generation of PR to PO system shows requirement of qty 120 in PO

Where we can say that this is rounded in multiple of 8 i.e rounding val at plant level

Now my question is that is there any setiing in cstomization or is there any rule as to when the roudning val oa plant level will supertsede at MRP level ?