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Sep 08, 2009 at 07:51 AM

How to hide MastHead from iView


Hi Experts,

I have created linktoURL UI element for WD program1. I am calling WD program2 using linktoURL UI element of WD program1. When I am clinking on the linktoURL UI element, iView of WD program2 gets open successfully. In the iView MastHead (company logo, logoff link, search button, top level navigation etc) is getting displayed. I don't want to display these details. How to do so?

I have set the Launch in new window propert as "Display in seperate headerless portal window" for the iView of WD Program2. However this is not helping.

Can you please let me know how to hide the masthead, company logo, logoff link, search button, top level navigation etc from the iView.



public static void wdDoModifyView(IPrivateAutoSettlementAppView wdThis, IPrivateAutoSettlementAppView.IContextNode wdContext, view, boolean firstTime)
	setUrl("" +
		   (wdContext.currentContextElement().getTripNumber()).replaceAll("^0*","") +