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Former Member
Sep 08, 2009 at 06:09 AM

Dynamic filtering


Hi Experts,

I'm trying to filter report data based on the prompt value and am unable to get it right. Need your suggestions.

Here is the requirement:

I have a prompt {?Activity} with the values as Y or N

In the report I have the columns with values as below:

CrCount DbCount TotalPayment

0 1 10000

1 0 2000

0 0 40000

3 4 50000

0 7 80000

I have to filter the above records based on the below condition

if {?Activity} = "Y", then display only the rows where (CrCount <>0 or DbCount <>0) else display all the rows

I've created a formula field {@Activities} = (CrCount <>0 or DbCount <>0)

In the Select Record Expert, I've used the formula field as {@Activities} = {?Activity}

This works fine if {?Activity} = "Y". If {?Activity} = "N", this condition fails and doesn't fetch any data.

Please help me return all the data when {?Activity} = "N"

Thanks a lot in advance.