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Sep 08, 2009 at 05:39 AM

Carry forwarding leaves without using Time Evaluation


Hi all,

I have been tasked to set up a simple time management in our SAP HR system (we are using ECC6 version).

We are using negative time management . We are not using accrual, that is, In the beginning of the year, we would run the quota generation program and it would automatically give the employee the leave entitlement for the whole year (example, PTO = 15 MD, SL = 14 MD etc).

My question is regarding carry forwarding the leaves at the end of the year for next year's quota run. The company's policy is that only the PTO or Annual Leaves can be carry forwarded at a maximum of 6 Leaves only which need to be used by the first 3 months of the next year.

In T559L, I have configured then in validty deduction interval for Annual leaves to have relative position 3 months (which if I run quota for 1/1/2009 to 12/31/2009, then deduction interval would extend till 3/31/2010).

But what I can't figure out is how to make sure that only 6 days of Annual leave are carried over. I have gone over similar issues in the forums and it seems that most require some kind of editing of calculation schemas. To resolve my issue, do I need to also configure Time evaluation too? Currently, I have left this part alone. Or is there some other way to limit carry forward of 6 days?

Thanks a lot for your time and help.