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Sep 08, 2009 at 03:31 AM

Refresh Option not coming for 3.x excel queries through 7.0 Analyzer



I have the following issue as reported by a user. He has some ran some reports through BEx 3.5 Analyzer and has saved the excel files as local copies on his system. Now, we have have upgraded our BEx toolset to 7.0. So, the user is using BEx Analyzer 7.0 and opening the local copies. Whn he is trying to do so, the syste is giving a message "Open 3.x version workbook for upgrde?"..If he clicks "yes", then the local file opens up. Now, if he right clicks, he gets an option "Refresh". When he clicks that, than the local copy is refreshed and it gets connected to the server.

This was working fine till yesterday. But yesterday, all of a sudden, when he right clicked, he did not get the option "Refresh". As a result, he is not able o refresh his queries. I have tried from my system the same process and I am getting the refreh option.

Looks like some component went missing from the installation..though I am not very sure.

Any idea as to what could be the reson and how can we fix it? Is there any file that we need to reinstall?

Please let me know, as this is needed by the user quite urgently.