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Sep 07, 2009 at 04:28 PM

No Depreciation adjustment after posting of credit note.


Hi SAP Guru's,

I have an issue regarding the posting of Credit notes in the current fiscal year for Assets capitalized in the previous year.

An invoice has been posted twice in the system with transaction F-90 in 2008. For this reason, two Assets has been created in the system and now we want to create a credit note for one in 2009.

What have I done in the system:

- I have changed the depreciation area's to allow all values for the Acquisition value.

- I have posted a write up for the depreciation that took place in 2008 with transaction type 721.

- And I have posted a credit note (F-90) with transaction type 160 in 2009.

What happened:

First the system generated the error message: AA660 "Transaction in area 01 contradicts the net book value rule"

I think this should not be the case, but I've have then allowed all value for the Net book value in all relevant area's and then the system allows the posting to take place.

The problem is now, that I have a negative Net Book value and this is because the depreciated value in 2009 are not corrected automatically. I would expect SAP to post (planned a next depr. run) with a debet posting (AW01N) which correct the depreciation in 2009 also. this would lead to a zero Net book value. Have I missed something & can you help me solve this issue?

Thank you in advance for your help. Kind regards,