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Sep 07, 2009 at 02:42 PM

Error in Team Calendar



After installation of EhP4 and BP for MSS 1.41 the application Team Calendar does not work anymore and there is an error.

Team Calendar has not come with the latest packages, but there must be some components that cause the error.

When I preview the standard Team Calendar iView ( ), I get the error message:


Error Summary

While processing the current request, an exception occured which could not be handled by the application or the framework.

If the information contained on this page doesn't help you to find and correct the cause of the problem, please contact your system administrator. To facilitate analysis of the problem, keep a copy of this error page. Hint: Most browsers allow to select all content, copy it and then paste it into an empty document (e.g. email or simple text file).

Root Cause

The initial exception that caused the request to fail, was:

com.sapportals.portal.prt.runtime.PortalRuntimeException: Failed in WD JNDI lookup. javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: No child found in WebDynproContext with name base





at com.sapportals.portal.ivs.iviews.IviewServiceObjectFactory.getObjectInstance(

... 40 more


In all older instllations of Team Calendar it worked properly just after we configured a manager and a team. Now it seems that there are some components missing. Or?

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