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Sep 07, 2009 at 10:01 AM

difference in stock figures.


I have an issue with a discrepancy in the stock figures between MB5B and MMBE in that MMBE is showing less stock.

Chcek MB5B for a date range of 31:08:2009 - 01:09:2009 and gives me a stock figure of 2440, there were 9 issues done on the 31st which bought the figure down from 4,120 - the current figure of 2,440.

If I check MB51 for date range of 31:08:2009 and todays date there has been no other movements appart from the 9 issues stated above.

If I check MMBE for todays date then the stock Figure is showing 1330 this is a total of 1110 less than MB5B figure of 2,440. There has been no other movements done after the 31st so MMBE and MB5B should show the same figure.

Question is is there a way that incomplete movements have affected the MMBE figure and how do I find this or can anyone explain how there can be a discrepancy between the two reports.

I have checked other Plants/ Sloc combinations and all figure match between MMBE and MB5B.

I'm stumpped, so can anyone help.


Ady Owen