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Sep 07, 2009 at 08:44 AM

MaxDB Homogenous System Copy and SID Rename



We are looking to run a cheap and cheerful copy of a (7.6.3) MaxDb Database by file copy, i.e. to copy across all data/log volumes etc from the source to the target system. An added difficulty is that we also wish to rename the SID.

So far we have:

1) Installed the target MaxDB instance

2) Copied across the data and log files

When we start the dbmgui it still shows the original 2 data volumes (the source database has 8 volumes), ie the old config file is still being used. If we now copy across the config file from the source system and edit it to change the SID from 'old SID' to 'new SID' we get the following RTE error when trying to bring the database online or even into admin mode:


-24994,ERR_RTE: Runtime environment error

20062,RTE error checksum does not match, parameter file may be corrupt

When I compare the file size of the config file, it is smaller after editing which probably explains the above error, which brings me to my question(s)

1) Is it possible to edit the config file in this was or can what i am trying to achieve by done by dbmcli commands?

2) Is it at all possible to copy a database and change the SID in this way or do we have to look for alternative methods?



Edited by: Simon Gorman on Sep 7, 2009 12:29 PM

OK - A little more information...

We copied back the original target systems config file and used the param_put command to add the extra log volumes and amend the file size information so that when we run param_getvolsall on the source and target systems, they match (apart from the different SIDs of coourse). Now when I run db_warm, I get the following error in krnldiag:

"1 ERR 20052 RTE Too many volumes, type='MSYS', allowed=2"

Does nyone know what parameter this is referring to??