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Sep 07, 2009 at 07:33 AM

no. of copies : SMART FORM.


Hi guys..

my requirement is for smart forsms. I have custom print program and custom smartform.

In the selection screen: i have option of number of copies.

for every copy, I need to print "ORIGINAL", "DUPLICATE" and "TRIPLICATE"

I am able to achive the functionalit, but I have two issues.

1) I do not want printouts. Just spool requests are sufficient. but now i am getting printouts and spools.

2) I am getting 3 times of printouts than required. in spool i am getting as per the requirement.

example: no of copies in selection screen :2. It means, 2 original, 2 duplicates, 2 tripcates to be printed ie TOTAL->6.

But now I am getting 6 original, 6 duplicate and 6 triplicate ie, total 18 instead of 6.

It may be bacuse, I am hard coding

wa_ssfcompop-tdcopies = 3.

If I do not do this, "original" "duplicate" triplicate" concept is not working for the forms( I used copy window to achive this in smartform)

my logic is as follows.



wa_ssfcompop-tdcopies = 3.

wa_ssfcompop-tdimmed = ' '. " no print immediately

wa_ssfcompop-tdnoprev = 'X'. "NO PRINT PREVIEW

wa_ssfcompop-tdnewid = 'X'. "no spool ID

wa_ssfctrlop-no_dialog = 'X'. "SAP Smart Forms: General Indicator


DO s_copy TIMES. (s_cpoy is selection screen copy)

PERFORM call_function_module.


SP01, spool requests are perfect and able to see the SPOOL IDs are generated based on the no. of copies we provide in selection screen.

Problem(3 TIMES OF PRINT OUTS) is with the PRINTER?????

If there is need to improve the code to acieve this, please help me.