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Sep 06, 2009 at 10:18 PM

Dynamic Table in PDF - only first row passed to the WD Java


Hi Experts,

I'm working with Web Dynpro for Java on WAS 2004s SP13, ADS for SP13 and LiveCycle Designer 7.1

I am facing a problem related to PDF-dynamic table generation.

I am creating the PDF form with a dynamic table, an empty row will be added, when ADD button is clicked, the row will be deleted when DELETE button is clicked. After form submit, only first row of the table is passed to the Web Dynpro. I'v tried to use different dataSource Context node structure without results. The structure diescribed in the thread [Dynamic Table - same data repeating in all rows; doesnt works for me. The same happend if i try to folow the advise from Wiki

Beside this, my DropDown list in the table column is not populated. I know how to populate the DropDown list outside of table. That's working fine. But the DropDown in the table just not respond on the click (is not going open). I'm pretty sure that this is a result of a Context node structure/binding issue.

Please suggest me how can i implement dynamic table and populate the data in table dropdown column.

Edited by: A. Mustacevic on Sep 7, 2009 12:18 AM