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Sep 06, 2009 at 08:01 PM

Submit job failed


Hi All,

I have a program RPRAPA00, when I execute this program it will create a batch job with creation program "RFBIKR00". but to execute this creation program we need to go SM35 to and then execute it manually. I ghave written the following code to made this process automatc:

SUBMIT rsbdcsub WITH mappe = 'A/P_ACCOUNTS'
                    WITH von   = sy-datum
                    WITH bis   = sy-datum
                    WITH z_verarb = 'X' AND RETURN.

But now when I execute the above code it will give me the following message: "

1 Session(s) selected to be processed

1 Session(s) successfully processed"

now when I look into SM35, I saw that the job gets an error status (error) and now when I execute this job manually again then it works. So can you please tell mw how can I fox thios.