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Sep 06, 2009 at 11:14 AM

Complete record to be deleted if any field consist of any JUNK characters



I have the data in a structure, from there some of the table fields are updating. Let's say

Loop at itab into wa

zvaluetab-field1 = ztable-wa-fil1.

zvaluetab-field2 = ztable-wa-fil2.

zvaluetab-field3 = ztable-wa-file.

zvaluetab-field4 = ztable-wa-fil4.

zvaluetab-field5 = ztable-wa-fil5.

zvaluetab-field6 = ztable-wa-fil6.

zvaluetab-field7 = ztable-wa-fil6.

zvaluetab-field8 = ztable-wa-fil7.

append wa to itab.

end loop.

modify zvaluetab from itab.

Along with this I have fieldname called File_Name, which contains 12 chars length.

1. I want that file name need to be splitted and to be updated into zvaluetab in four other fields. Since these four fields are mandatory for updating the above fields. So, along with these fields the above 7 fields also to be updated.

2. Some time data will be having some special(junks) characters, If at all any field will have such junk characters then the whole record(4 +7 fields) need to be deleted.

It is greatful for me if at all any one edits that above code and include's my requirment.


Thanks much.