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Former Member
Sep 06, 2009 at 05:07 AM

Monthly Carryforward - Logic


Dear All,

I'm creating a logic to move beginning balance of January to ending balance of Jan, then carryforward to beginning balance of Feb, and so on.

Appreciate very much if you can show me the logic for this purpose.

I split my logic into 2 parts:

First Part:

*when acctdetail

*is "f0000","f0100","f0101","f0015"


*end when

This is to move the beginning balance ("f0000") to ending balance ("f0440")

Second Part:

*when acctdetail

*is "f0440"



Both logic works for january and feb, but it does not continue to march and so on.

I have tried to used for/next as well, but it did not work.

Appreciate very much if you could share some ideas how to make it rolls from jan-dec.

Thanks in advance,

Ce Wie