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Sep 05, 2009 at 11:42 AM

Multi resource Scheduling with CRM


Hi MRS Experts,

I am an CRM consultant working on a scenario of resource planning in SAP CRM services. We have a scenario where the user creats a service order in IC web client. As soon as he creates a service order two things should happen:

1) Appoint scheduling based on customer availibility

2) resource (employee) scheduling

Regarding this I have following questions:

1) Can MRS work in this scenarion (resource scheduling in/with SRP CRM?

2) Is it a standard integration?

3) What it takes to integrated MRS with SAP CRM?

4) What data points are required to in mRS from CRM to for resource scheduling and appointment scheduling:?

5) If we are correct WFM is not requred for MRS?

6) How MRS integrates with mobile application fro the service scenario?

7) is it advisibel to use WFM or MRS, with CRM?

PS: Guys its great to have such discussion, the doc links mentioned in the first page do not work.

I would realy appriciate if somebody clarifies the above queries as early aspossible as i am struggling at this point a lot.

Thanks in advance.

Please assist.