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Sep 05, 2009 at 11:01 AM

Import Issue


Hi Experts,

I was told that

When i try to import the source data with a predefined map, if the input source file has a field value missing ..

lets say, if there are 10 Records with 6 Fields init.

My value is missing at record 9 field 4.

Now the import will stop here throwing an error.

Note : NONE of the record is migrated..

we need to fix it by adding the value for the field in my source excel and reimport it(all the 10 records).

Is this true??

If so i also read that..

Value exception:

value exception prevents MDIS from importing a specific record.when such exceptions are encountered an exception file for the offending record is copied to ValueX folder.MDIS then continues processing the import file and all other non exceptional records are imported as normal.

Can any one clarify this ..

Kind Regards