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Former Member
Sep 05, 2009 at 08:55 AM

How is acc assgmnt catgry decided by system in material attachment to Proj?


Hello Experts,

I have read a few docs, searched forums but to no avail. I still do not have a clear idea of how the system picks account assignment category for the materials we attach in project.

I can figure out vaguely based on parameters like Item category (L,N etc), Procurement type indicator of material master (E,F, ,X), and procurement indicator (Individual/collective/both), and reservation for WBS/Network.

But I cannot put down the permutations and combination of above (or any other deciding) factors and say that - OK Q or P or N or Blank is the acct. assignment category for above set of indicators.

I hope my explanation helps in making you understand that I am seeking some clear cut methodology of determination of acct. assgnmnt category. I feel this is the basic building concept for me to go ahead and attach all kinds of materials in a project - produced, procured, direct consumption materials etc...

And yeah, the latter part of question is: I guess we can influence the determination of account assignment category in material assignment. If yes, How can we do this?

Hope to see an early response,