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Sep 05, 2009 at 08:40 AM

How is material procured to plant/non-special stock through Projects?


Hello Experts,

Please answer below queries in PS:

1. X is a material BOM and consists of Y and Z. Consider that X is attached in a project. Also consider the case that directly Y or Z is also attached in same/some other project.

Can I procure X, Y or Z to plant stock? My observance is that upon RELEASE or after running Project MRP, Purchase requisition(PR) is created for a material and this PR carries the WBS reference (say WBS-1.2.1) and upon goods receipt, material goes to special stock for WBS-1.2.1.

But do we have alternatives? I mean, can we not procure the materials to plant stock? (I did not find an option of removing WBS reference at GR level).

2. Basically an extenstion of above question, but I would like to put the scenario over here:


Customer wants the PRs to come from various projects. PRs should be clubbed into a single PO (preferably a PO of single line item. Possible?). Then upon receipt of goods, we should have the flexiblity of receiving the goods into any storage area and the stock should be like "gerenally available and not specific for a project/WBS". i.e we should be able to do a GR without any specific WBS reference.

One ESSENTIAL requirement is that any procurement should have Budgetary control. Its not an issue if any work arounds are made on acheiving budgetary control.


I think this is a pretty standard requirement. I am trying to explore the 'plant stock procurement thru project', and the 'Requirements grouping' options. But at the same time its important for me to seek some advice from experts, hence this thread.

You may suggest any kind of solution but please be kind enough to provide a detailed solution to this question, covering end-to-end steps and considering the 'Budget Control' feature in mind.

I am desperately looking for a solution.

Thanks in anticipation!