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Sep 04, 2009 at 05:49 PM

Use SDA files from a Java Mapping



We had a requirement to convert EDIFACT messages from the XML to the native format and hence we had to use the Seeburger BIC mapping designer to create SDAs that perform this conversion and thought we could use them in the module configuration.

All went well till I realised that XI had to send the message through HTTP and since this adapter is on the ABAP stack.. we were stuck. (This problem extends that we have EDIFACT messages coming into XI through HTTP too and in this case there would be no adapters at all!)

Well we did think of a few solutions.

1. Checked William Li's blog on - [] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]; but this wouldnt work since I cant convert my sda to an ABAP code and I cant call the sda from the ABAP code too

2. Use SOAP adapters with 'use soap envelopes' option unchecked. I have not tried this yet

3. Find some way to call the sda from a java mapping

Now since option 1 is out of scope (can any one correct me if not so ??) and we were left with options 2 and 3.

Taking option 2, can anyone help me in identifying if the SOAP adapter will behave exactly as a HTTP adapter* if the 'use soap envelope' is unchecked ??

OR better is there a way to call the SDA from a java mapping.

We wnted to keep the solution of using intermediary files as a last option 😔