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Sep 04, 2009 at 04:44 PM

ALV Grid & Column Width doesn't work


Hi everybody!

I have an ALG Grid in which I set column width value at field catalogue, and also set column width optimize at layout structure. But in spite of all it doesn't work. I have a few columns that are showing a half of its value. Am I missing something or adding anything that I don't need?

Here I stick a piece of my catalogue update:

        gs_fldcat-outputlen = 5.
        gs_fldcat-key = 'X'
        gs_fldcat-seltext_s    = text-018.
        gs_fldcat-seltext_m    = text-018.
        gs_fldcat-seltext_l    = text-018.
        gs_fldcat-reptext_ddic = text-018.

I look at other threads but I couldn't find the answer or may be I didn't reach to the correct one.

Thanks for reading.

Kind regards,