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Sep 04, 2009 at 04:29 PM

Issue in RAS load balancing?


Hi, We have 7 RAS per server and we have 3 servers in cluster. So total 21 RAS. This means we have capacity of 1575 concurrent jobs as the limit defined on each job is 75 per RAS. When we ran performance testing then we had around 600 sessions and we started getting error message that "Max limit defined by Administrator for Job has been reached" and many of reports failed. we get this log message for 3-4 RAS not for all but reports failed.

I suspect that CMS keeps on directing new request to loaded server instead of other RAS servers which were not so loaded.

Can anyone confirm this? I am told by BO support that they have seen this behavior in XI 3.1 too. We are on BOXI R2 SP3 with IIS. We are using windows server 2003. We are using custom SDK to open Crystal reports.