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Sep 04, 2009 at 03:56 PM

STUDENT NEWBIE SOS - Professor wants us to use repository


Good Morning!

I am an It Web Development .NET student and am taking a Crystal Reports class. I have minimally worked with various versions of Crystal for the past 10 years and was recently part of a 60% staff reduction at my company, so I no longer have access to Crystal in a server environment.

I own a copy of Crystal 10 Developer Edition and just downloaded and installed the Crystal 2008 Free Trial.

When I try to open the repository a LogOn to Business Objects Enterprise window is displayed with my system name "ANN" presupplied, a user name Annie which is the default user on my machine, blank password, and authentication "Enterprise" as defaults.

I dont know what to do here. My assignment is as follows:

Create an SQL command manually that displays the Customer Name and Region from the customer data source. Add this SQL command to the repository and generate a report based on the SQL command

When I try to logon to the repository (I have tried password of blank, user of Admin, different combinations of the authentication type etc) I get a message ...

The system ANN can be contacted but there is no Central Management Server running at Port 6400.

I have no idea what to do.

If anyone can offer some suggestions or assistance, I would greatly appreciate it.


Best Regards,