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Sep 04, 2009 at 03:22 PM

Setting Datasource Location



I have a complex report and I am trying to avoid having to re-create it.

The report's driving table (the left-outermost table) stores data for each employee by period. So say you have 3 periods, Jan09, Feb09, and Mar09, you will have 3 records for 1 employee. Basically it is a historical data warehouse table.

The left outermost table is this very data warehouse table. What I want to be able to do is bring back only those records for the period in which we are in. If I use a select expert to filter on the period, it appears as though the reports still scans all the records in the table first and then filters when it already gets into Crystal. A very poor performance resoluion.

I tried creating SQL Command that says

select *
from table
where period='{?Enter End Period}'

Then use this as the main driving table and left outer join it to the previous driving table. But it still appears as though it parses through all the records.

I don't want to recreate the report so how can I do the filtering on the database level before it gets into Crystal?

Thanks in advance,

Zack H.

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