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Sep 04, 2009 at 02:00 PM

How to fetch data from Internal table in Main Window to the window on top


Hi All,

I am stuck on this issue where I have to print STATE(T005U-BEZEI) and DEPOT(T001W-NAME1) on the window at top of the page.

I ahve these fields in my final table on which I have a loop on the main window. The requirement in the report is to get Party wise total, Depot wise total and State wise total. While, the calculations have been done, I want to print STATe & DEPOT over the top of the page for for every DEPOT change, there shud be a page-break.

NOTE : I have sort-begin & sort-end events on party, depot & state.

I request the all of the geniuses to step ahead & Pls reply ASAP to this , How to fetch data from main window to the window on top of the page.