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Sep 04, 2009 at 01:29 PM

Outgoing file


Im writing one simple input fields are companycode,invoice number(belnr) and amount(dmbtr)..i need to validate these fields by...

Validations need to be provided to prevent

1. Company code other than DM30 (France)

2. Double entry of invoice numbers for criteria 2 (i.e. invoice number) and

3. Total amount exceeding the invoice amount for criteria 3 (i.e. partial amount with invoice number).

4. FI documents would be internally numbered. So, program to generate .txt file should provide for preventing invoices from being captured for more than the payable amount. For example, if amount credited to vendor is Euro 10,000 vide FI (and invoice verification in MM) document number 330000567. If partial amount of Euro 2000 has already been paid against this invoice, system should prevent user from entering this invoice with amount of more than Euro 8000 that is still payable.

Program should look for (field / table) REBZG / BSEG (Number of the Invoice the Transaction Belongs to) in vendor line items (posting key 31 & 25, 50). System populates this field with invoice number against which partial amount is paid or other adjustment (debit memo amount, for example) happens. Please remember that system does not update this field when entire invoice amount is settled in the last out going payment/other adjustment document.

Program should calculate balance amount to be paid based on:

1. Vendor credited & expense debited vide (posting key 31,32,34 -39) for given invoice number (Document type K0,K1,KI, Number range 34,11,12) MINUS

2. Partial payment/ other adjustments, as per REBZG / BSEG referred above, made against the invoice number entered.

Program should prevent entry for an amount that is more than the balance amount to be received (calculated as per points 1 and 2 above).

It follows that if the balance calculated is full amount of the invoice (i.e. partial payments have not been received or other adjustments not done), then program should allow entry for the full invoice amount. (This will be relevant in case of MRP invoices).

After once it will send a txt file ..with entries given...