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Sep 04, 2009 at 01:12 PM

Upgrade 5.0 sp10 to SAP BPC 7.0 FOR MICROSOFT and/or SAP BPC 7.0 FOR NW



We are running on SAP BPC 5.0 sp10. While downloading patch upgrade(SP10) from SAP site, we notice that we can also download SAP BPC 7.0 M . We thought it is good idea to upgrade to SAP BPC 7.0 M but before moving in to direction I have some questions .

What are the potential risks in upgrading 5.0 SP10 to SAP BPC 7.0 M?

Is it a smooth upgrade?

Do we need to change our input schedule / Reports for SAP BPC 7.0 M?

What SQL version we need to upgrade to SAP BPC 7.0 M?

If anyone of you already done that please share your issues etc.

We are R/3 shop and we are running SAP NW. When we are going to the following path. I expect to see SAP BPC NW which is not there? Why? Also do we need to purchase it?

The only difference I can tell in NW we have BI integration whereas BPC 7.0 Microsoft doesnu2019t have BI/NW. Correct?

Download BPC 7.0 SP01

To download BPC 7.0 SP01, perform these steps:

1. Go to the SAP Service Marketplace Software Distribution Center at and navigate through the left panel following this path:

Download > Support Packages and Patches > Entry by Application Group

2. To download the server portion of the installation, do the following:

a) Choose SAP Application Components > SAP BPC FOR SAP NETWEAVER > SAP BPC 7.0 FOR SAP NETWEAVER > SAP CPM BPC 7.0 > Win32. ( We dont have it )

INSTEAD we have

a) Choose SAP Application Components > SAP BPC 7.0 Microsoft > Win32.


Saquib khan