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Sep 04, 2009 at 12:59 PM

Problems with RRI (own report type)


Hello experts,

I've a problem with creating an own report type. I followed the instructions on">>, created a class with interface IF_RS_BBS_BADI_HANDLER, created an implementation (RS_BBS_BADI ) and the sender/receiver-assignments.

I'm calling a remote function which generates a url with some parameters- something like


      CALL FUNCTION 'zfoobar'
           v_abc = r_url.

When I'm debugging IF_RS_BBS_BADI_HANDLER~CALL_URL everything looks fine, the r_url contains the correct URL.

But when I try to call the receiver in a webreport, the URL is mutilated (after question mark), the result looks like:


When I try it this way:

r_url = 'http://server/service?get&param1=abc&value=123'.

the result is like


Any ideas?

Best regards.