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Sep 04, 2009 at 12:36 PM

blank page when pagedown clicked on tableview


Hi All,

I have a BSP with MVC.

Flow is a below.

1. login page:

2. and are two controllers. is called from list.htm.

So Iu2019m calling the current.htm from list.htm using" comp_id="cur">

so when I run the application, I get the logon page, once the details are entered, I get the next page with list.htm and current.htm. This is 6 pages large.

Here I have lot of input fields, checkboxes, tableviewsu2026

In the table view of the current.htm page, when I click on the paged down button, a server event is triggering and it shows a blank pages(as I have not handled this manually).

Do we need to handle the tableview page down manually or is that automatic.

If it is automatic, what might be wrong with my approach?

Please give me a hint.