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Sep 26, 2018 at 07:15 PM

Can I implement email limits beyond using basic communication limits?

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Our team is trying to find a way to implement very basic email limits:

An email would only be sent if the user had not yet received:

1 email per day

2 emails per week

6 emails per month

We cannot use communication limits because:

1.) most of our creative content & campaigns were released before communication categories

2.) communication limits can only accommodate 1 limit, not 3 for different time frames

In testing suppression rules we ran into 2 issues:

1.) only able to get a limit of "<time period> since last <interaction type>", not "count of <interaction type> in last <time period>"

2.) only 1 suppression rule can be active at a time

Is there any reasonable way to implement basic email limits like this? I'm not looking for anything fancy (eg. by marketing area, campaign type, etc...).