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Sep 04, 2009 at 09:56 AM

PM settlement issue



We settle our PM orders daily and noticed that the total costs in the PM Maintenance work GL account does not equal the total costs sitting in the PM Settled account.

This raised concerns so we tested our theory that if the user posts the work order time confirmation with a previous period, that we will be unable to see this cost and to settle it.

Since our order settlement is only done a period by period basis, it seems that anything posted with a prior months date will not show up in the current month to be settled.

Our test case dated May 19th. Posted to a work order a time confirmation of 2 hours and forced SAP to take the posted dated of March 11th.

When we reviewed the work order information in IW33 we can see the costs applied to the work order.

When we ran the KOB1 to view the costs for the work order, this time confirmation does not show up as a cost that needs to be settled from the work order to the cost center.When we ran the KO88 in test to see if this item will settled to the receiver (I believe this one is set to post to a cost center), it does not show up in period 5. I cannot run a previous period, so I cannot tell if the cost is setting in period 3.

Basically our concern is that we have unsettled costs sitting in limbo that need to be settled but cannot because they are dated for a prior period.

1. we are looking to find out the extent of this and the total costs sitting out there that has not settled

2. we are looking for a report or some way in the future to monitor this so that we can avoid this in the future.