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Sep 04, 2009 at 09:32 AM

Printout from screen painter



From the ABAP program am getting the input and fetch the value from the table and passing to Screen painter by 'call screen' command. The screen have some standard formats, again I have to give some input value and validate against already fetch the value from the table. If the validation is correct means I have to print the screen as displaying in the screen.

But when I click the print icon at the output screen I can get the printout of input screen of the ABAP program.

How can I print the output from screen painter?

My program is as blow:






pr_wrk like vbrp-werks obligatory,

pr_vbl like vbrk-vbeln obligatory,

pr_mat like vbrp-matnr obligatory,

pr_lsz(10) type n.




select ..... from vbrk

where vkorg eq pr_wrk

and vbeln eq pr_vbl.

select ....





call screen 103




module user_command_0103 input.

line_count = sy-loopc.

data : ok_code like sy-ucomm.

case ok_code.

when 'PRINT'.

call function 'GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS'


destination = 'LOCL'

copies = count

list_name = 'TEST'

list_text = 'PDI OS'

immediately = 'X'

release = 'X'

new_list_id = 'X'

expiration = days

line_size = 70

line_count = 55

layout = 'X_65_80'

sap_cover_page = 'X'

cover_page = 'X'

receiver = 'SAP*'

department = 'System'

sap_object = 'RS'

ar_object = 'TEST'

archive_id = 'XX'

archive_info = 'III'

archive_text = 'Description'

no_dialog = ' '


out_parameters = params

out_archive_parameters = arparams

valid = valid.

if valid <> space.

submit zpdi_report using selection-set 'DATA' to sap-spool

spool parameters params

archive parameters arparams

without spool dynpro.



Kindly help me.


S. John