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Sep 04, 2009 at 04:34 AM

Data Volume error in SAP Transaction iView for SRM


Hi All,

I have created one SAP transaction iView for SRM. I am doing data creation for the range of 45 days and execute.

I am getting runtime ABAP dump error:

Short text of error message:-

The dataset (97,770,240 bytes) is too big (adap/alvgrid/size_nodod_mb)

Procedure for System Administration

The maximum size of these data volumes can be set using the kernel parameter 'adap/alvgrid/size_nodod_mb' (in mega bytes)

As per iView property i am not able to find any property for increasing size.

Is there any thign need to be done in backend....? and from backend user is able to see the result but in portal error is coming.

Could you please help me on this...?